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November 29, 2017

Cash In The Closet

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Anyone remember the show Cash In The Attic? I watched it a couple of times. It was basically where people wanted to round up some extra cash so the rounded up their items from their attic or other storage spaces to take to auctions. A lot of people were happily surprised with how much their ignored items were worth.

When we started our own Ebay/Amazon selling business a few months ago, we started off by selling off some items from our own house that we were no longer using. This is a great way to get a feel for selling without having to invest in inventory. I knew we had some things we could part with but I was really surprised at how much we had and I kept finding more. Here are some of my favorite sales from items found around our home. These are all items that sold quickly. Bonus, many of these were sold on Facebook, so no seller fees!

Interior door – when we finished our upstairs space we no longer needed a door to close off the stairs and I prefer them exposed. We sold the door along with the handle , hinges, and all hardware

Salt lamp – This was a nice lamp but I only turned it on a few times, it was practically new.

Essential oil diffuser – I sold three of these brand new in the box, they were gifts and we are not that into essential oils.  A lot of people use essential oils so these sold quickly.

Outdoor Furniture – A few years ago I built two nice outdoor chaise lounge chairs and never really used them,  I was able to sell these for the same amount I spent building them as they were in great condition.  I had two rocking chairs on my front porch that were peeling badly and falling apart, I posted them as-is wondering if anyone would want to try and fix them up and they sold quickly.  I was later gifted some nice new porch chairs so I also sold some older iron chairs that a lady bought to re-paint and sell herself.

Old Gaming System and Games – While cleaning out a closet, I found an old gaming system and box of games and asked my husband if I should sell it.  He later told me he was going to list it on ebay since he thought it would do well on there.  So glad he made that call, both items got lots of bids and they each sold for more than we were going to ask for them together if listed on Facebook.

These are just a few items I have sold recently, we have also sold many toys, clothes and other home items.  Here are some items we currently have listed or are about to list for sale:

Wii Fit game and balance board

Children’s princess costumes

Ladies pants – J Crew, Gap, Seven for All Mankind, Ann Taylor, Liz Claiborne and more brands

Columbia jackets – men’s, boys, and girls

Nike sneakers

Kid’s boots

Men’s dress shirts – Tommy, Carhart, and other brands

Vintage Miami Dolphins sweatshirt

Assortment of toys

My advice to anyone starting off with selling is to shop in your own home for inventory.  You will be surprised at what you find to part with that someone else will want and you will save money on stocking initial inventory.  For more tips on selling, check out our other website


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