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November 10, 2017

Holiday Tipping and Gifting Ideas

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On my other blog that I run with my husband, I have been writing about holiday spending and saving, which you can check out here.

Susan’s Holiday Guide to Savings

Keeping with the Christmas theme, I thought I would share some holiday tipping and gifting guides. While these are suggestions and not requirements, these kind tips and gifts will mean a lot to the people that provide services for you regularly. There are also some I had not thought of before. I found this article to be a great guide.

Holiday Tipping Guide

Since the linked article serves as a great guide on who and amounts, I thought I would share some gift ideas that will be useful and hopefully enjoyed by the recipient. Plus, some ideas to help you stay on budget.

Gift Cards – Amazon, Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts Target and Walmart are usually pretty safe choices. Pick a more specific location if you know the recipient has a favorite store or restaurant. Make sure employees are allowed to accept gift cards as some are not.  Check seasonal sales to get deals on multi packs of gift cards if you have more than one to purchase.

Baked Goods – Purchase some good bakery goods like pastries, cookies, cupcakes, cake pops or breads. If you are a savvy baker, whip up these treats yourself and pack into festive boxes with a bow.  I have seen a cool trend on social media to put a box of sealed treats such as Little Debbie for those delivering packages to your door.  I may do that this year, as we order many gifts online.  And remember edible gifts do not have to be sweets.  When I taught preschool, I received some homemade Tex-Mex seasoning one year from one of my parents, it was very yummy!

School Supplies – It is no secret that teachers spend a lot of their own money on supplies. Find out what they use often and make a gift basket with markers, cleaning wipes, tissues and other items they may need.  Don’t forget to add in some goodies that are just for them to enjoy.

Ornaments – Christmas ornaments are a favorite go-to gift for me because almost everyone that celebrates the holiday can use them.  I get them for teachers, coworkers, family members and more.  Belk is my favorite place to get them because on Black Friday they have all of their Christmas items on sale for 60% off and their ornaments are beautiful.  Target is another store that typically has holiday items on sale Black Friday and has a great selection of nice ornaments.

Me Time – Have someone that works hard for you doing physical labor like childcare, cleaning, personal training or yard work?  A gift of pampering can show them some great appreciation.  Gift certificates for manicures/pedicures, hair styling, or a massage are all great choices for a relaxing day.  Shop around to compare prices and see if any spas or salons are running specials.  I know a massage therapist who works out of her home independently and her rates run less than a large spa with overhead.  If you are looking to support local businesses this holiday season, this type of gift can do just that.

Share some of your favorite gifts you have gotten in the past.

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