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December 5, 2017

Actually, This Is Better

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“Food will never tastes as good as skinny feels.” Anyone else ever seen this obnoxious quote? It is usually found on Facebook feeds or on Pinterest in the fitness inspiration boards accompanied by a photo of a girl with rock hard abs.

So first of all, the salty author of this quote has obviously never had a treat by Pure Butter Bakery.

Second, can you tell I don’t like this quote? Why? Because I cannot stand the mentality of shaming people for eating. I do not care if you weight 500 pounds, you still need to feed and nourish your body. Do you know there are some people who are very active but due to the fact they are overweight, they feel like they do not deserve a meal? Or they feel ashamed of eating so they will only do so in private? Ugh, what kind of society have we created that we make people ashamed to eat?

So you know what feels better than skinny and tastes better than food? Loving yourself.

I want to loose some more inches and sometimes it feels like an uphill battle but that battle is so much easier when I can love myself for who I am now and not just for my goal weight. It feels amazing to know that I can lift heavy weights and improve at workouts no matter what my size. It feels great to have my doctor tell me I am healthy. It feels great to enjoy a healthy balanced variety of foods 90% of the time and not worry a bit when enjoying a big ice cream cone or a huge buttery biscuit.

Don’t aim to be skinny, aim to be healthy because healthy looks different on each person. Just walk into a gym and I guarantee you will see people of various shapes and sizes completely crushing their workout. In college I was skinny but I was far from healthy, I hardly ate enough and when I did it was almost all carbs and I was constantly queasy from not eating enough.

I don’t care what size you are, you are worth love and acceptance. Think of your friends. When I picture my friends, I know they range in all different sizes but I don’t think about that. I think about the fun things we do together and the special memories we share.

All bodies are beautiful, keep yours loved, healthy and happy.

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