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November 15, 2017

Thoughts I Have at the Gym

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I’m late, again….why does this tiny town have such massive traffic?

Oh good, they are still warming up, I’m not THAT late.

Oh nevermind…..

Oh snap!  We are doing back squat max today!

I love back squats, I love back squats, I love back squats…..

Holy cow, this is heavy!

And now onto the main WOD……

Eww, burpees and thrusters??? In the same day??? Good grief…

I should not have skipped yesterday…..

Oh sweet, I can RX this workout!

Wait, I didn’t see pull-ups on there, I have to do ring rows….I can almost RX this

Oh….I cannot lift that much…..

I literally have to modify this entire workout

Whatever, no shame in my scaled game…tehehe

Okay, so this won’t be too terrible, I’l just try to go really fast on the burpees and get it over with

Oh wow, these people are strong….should I put more weight on my bar?

Nah, I’ll just end up slipping a disc

Or passing out

Wow, my hubby is lifting a lot

He’s so handsome over there with his gigantic weights

Don’t hurt your knee babe….

Here we go……let’s try to finish this in less than 6 minutes

This isn’t bad at all

~5 reps later~

Hmm…..should I already be tired?

I don’t think I can do all these reps

I hate this so much

Why do I pay money for this???

Good grief, I have about 10 loads of laundry to do at home and instead I am here doing this nonsense

These are not good pants for burpees, I have to stop and pull them up every single rep!

Okay, this bra is definitely not burpee friendly, I’m going to turn around and face a wall

Note to self, check the WOD before packing gym clothes…..sheesh!

Oh this bar is getting heavy, should I take some weight off?

No, just keep the weights on and get it done faster

My gosh, these college kids are so fast


Hmmm, my kid needs to tell me something.  Bless her sweet little heart for interrupting me for a minute so I can breath

Oh I hate burpees so much, they make me nauseous

DO NOT throw up

Five minutes in, hurry it up!

I am seriously never wearing these pants to the gym again

Oh snap, I am on the last set

YES!  No more thrusters!  Pound out the burpees and ring rows

And done, where’s my phone so I can log this?

~5 minutes later~

That wasn’t bad at all

I feel great, I’m so glad I came to workout today!

High fives and fist bumps all around

I’ll absolutely be back tomorrow





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