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November 13, 2017

Bakery Organization

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My bakery is home based which is incredibly convenient for my schedule but can be a little hectic sharing the space with my home kitchen. Since we were changing our house around so much, I decided to change up my bakery storage as well. I usually take just two cake orders a week, some weeks I have none, so I saw no reason for my many pans and other supplies to take up my entire island storage. After moving some rooms around, cleaning out unused items and a few small purchases, I now have my bakery organized and out of my everyday kitchen life. Here is what I did.

First, I cleaned out the bottom cabinets in my china cabinet, I had a lot of items stored in there that I have not used in several years so I either sold or donated them.   After that was cleaned out and reorganized, there was plenty of space to store all of my round cake pans.

Next, I went down the hall to the new guest room to scope out some storage space.  Items like cake boards and cupcake boxes are sold in bulk and there is absolutely no reason they need to be stored in the kitchen.  I had moved the old nursery dresser into the guest room but I really only needed the top drawer for some odds and ends.  My stock of cake boards fit perfectly into the rest of the drawers and now it is so quick to find the size board I need.  There was also an extra drawer where I could stash my business binder where I keep my receipts and calendar.

So this got the bigger bulky items out of the way, but my biggest storage problem was all my little supplies.  It was getting easy to loose little things like jars of color, piping tips, and fondant cutters in the huge island cabinet.  Plus, again these are items that are not used on a daily basis yet taking up a big kitchen cabinet.  So I decided to get it all out of the kitchen with the help of this awesome cart.


I found this cart at Michael’s as part of their Everyday Values collection.  You cannot use a coupon for it, but at $30.00 it was still a great deal.  I think it is actually meant to store craft paper, but the drawer size is perfect for storing cake decorating supplies.  The drawers are deep enough to hold containers but small enough that little tools do not get lost.  The drawers are also washable and can be removed for easy cleaning.  The best part is it has wheels, so I can easily store it when finished.  It fits nicely into my newly cleaned out and organized guest room closet.

Simple fix to a big mess!  Now to move on to the next organizational project….

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